Why hire a child sex crimes attorney for your defense

Like in any other city in the US, sex crimes are serious offenses in Houston. If you touch someone’s private areas without their permission or force someone into having sex with you, you will definitely face serious penalties. And, the punishment would be more severe if the victim is a minor. Now, regardless of your individual circumstance, you will face extremely harsh charges and punishments as defendant in such a crime. This is where a Houston child sex crimes attorney can help. In a way, he can help protect your legal rights against sex offense allegations or lighten the punishment in case you are wrongfully accused of committing such a crime.

houston child sex crimes attorney

Here is what a sex crimes attorney can do for you in particular:

They investigate your case to get results favourable to you.

Initially, a Houston child sex crimes attorney will meet with you in person to gather as many details about your case as possible. During this time, they will ask you specific questions to determine possible defenses, as well as strengths and weaknesses, to win your case.

Aside from asking you questions, they will also investigate the case further to get ideas that will give you a bigger chance of acquittal. This would include going to the police to ask about your case, analyze evidence, and learn about the procedures the police used in conjunction with your case. It would also involve talking to witnesses.

The pieces of information gathered are greatly helpful in building a strong defense for you.

Moreover, your lawyer would also review the prosecution’s case before it is presented in court. This allows you to find any holes and use them to weaken the case against you.

They negotiate to reduce charges or punishment.

In court, your lawyer will negotiate with the prosecutor regarding any particular plea bargain in case you are guilty. For example, a Brazoria County sex crimes lawyer would speak with the other party to secure a favorable deal to reduce the charges and possible punishment against you. They can even negotiate for a resolution outside of trial, which will make things quick and somehow easy for you.

Generally, a sex crime defense attorney will represent you in court, try to figure out the facts of the case, and come up with the best defense for your case.

Hire a Houston child sex crimes attorney from Law Office of Paul Schiffer

As a defendant, you should remember that being accused of a sex crime does not always mean you are guilty. With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, you will know the difference between a general or a customary offense.

You can work together to present your defense in a way that compels prosecutors to understand your situation and give you the benefit of a doubt.

Also, you might be wrongfully accused. If you are guilty, a lawyer can find some ways to reduce your charges and penalties.

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